Variance Lighting Specializes in Delivering Energy Efficient Industrial and Commercial LED Lighting Solutions To Our Clients. 

Variance Lighting focuses on high quality, reliable, and efficient led fixtures and smart controls for our client installations. We consider several different metrics in order to maximize our clients return on investment.  Contact us today and see how much we can save you and your business.

Our primary mission is to help our clients reduce their carbon imprint, their power consumption, and to make them more energy efficient. Collectively, we can all embrace the technology advances of today so that we can create a better tomorrow. 

Through a combination of technology advancements, industry experience, and manufacturing partnerships, our led upgrades delivers unbeatable value in addition to reducing our clients energy cost and consumption as much as 85%.

Industrial and commercial facilities usually have a high demand for power consumption. Regardless of industry or sector, being efficient gives you a competitive edge, in any economic environment. The power consumption savings from an led conversion are usually very significant with the returns being immediate, positively affecting your cash flow from day one.

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